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Are you ready to enjoy the most Magical Time of your Life, feeling confident that you are giving your baby the Very Best start to life?

You can have a happy, healthy pregnancy. It’s simply your choice. You can choose to find your pregnancy flow, even if you’re finding pregnancy hard, by accepting & surrendering...

You want to get to a place where you can lead a more normal life during pregnancy, where you feel happy & excited, feel better supported by loved ones, experience less pain & suffering, feel less exhausted, have more energy, & ultimately where you & baby feel healthy. Maybe you even want to achieve the blooming stage that everyone talks about!

Have you already tried...

  • Holding things together, yet you just don’t feel your efforts are good enough? 

  • Taking medications & going down the medical route?

  • Having complementary therapies (& perhaps spending lots of money on it)?

  • Googling everything, but not sure which information to believe?                 

    & are you still...

  • Struggling with pain &/or sickness day & night during your pregnancy? 

  • Wishing you could enjoy your pregnancy more, if only you knew how?

  • Dreaming of having more energy & feeling happier? 

  • Feeling fed up with relying on others (or medication) for support?

  • Feeling lonely or unsupported because people don’t get how you feel?

  • Feeling guilty that you are not giving your other children & family enough time because you are feeling so rough?

  • Feeling guilty as your house is a mess because you’re so ill?

  • Feeling guilty because you aren’t as excited about your baby as your family & friends are?

  • Feeling exhausted, yet suffering from insomnia?

  • Feeling like a failure & that you are letting people down?

  • Do you feel that enough is enough & it’s time to have a HAPPY pregnancy journey? 

    It’s YOUR body… it’s YOUR baby… it’s YOUR choice

    Deep down you know this is possible for you...YOU DESERVE IT... But, it’s overwhelming & utterly exhausting. You feel loneliness, guilt & stress.

    You’re not alone... I’ve been here too!

    Hi, I'm Michele 

    Your Pregnancy Happiness Coach. I am here to tell you that YOU CAN LOVE YOUR PREGNANCY!

    Over the years, I have played a crucial part in helping many pregnant women have a happier & healthier pregnancy, relieving their physical & emotional pain & suffering, helping them to connect with their babies, empowering them to overcome their pregnancy struggles & realise that they are already amazing mothers.

    It was only after our eldest son was born that I fully appreciated how things could have been different during my own pregnancy. I’d suffered with severe pregnancy sickness (Hyperemesis Gravidarum) for 30 weeks, along with a myriad of other pregnancy-related issues, followed by post-natal depression... I learned the hard way. 

     So when I was expecting our youngest, I vowed things could be different second time round. Yes, I suffered with HG again but through changing my outlook, my pregnancy journey was so different. I know first-hand that you can turn your pregnancy journey around from an experience you dislike & are struggling to cope with… to a journey that you accept & welcome & love!

    How did I do this?

    I took full responsibility for my own health & wellbeing during my pregnancy! I learned to slow down, love myself & trust my body.

    During my first pregnancy nobody asked me how I was doing, or why I was experiencing other symptoms, so I thought my suffering was “normal”. After being refused anti-sickness medication during my second pregnancy, I decided to take accept my symptoms & see how I could improve things for myself.

    And I did… successfully!


    Going FROM feeling like you can’t do pregnancy any longer… feeling robbed of a supposedly magical experience… suffering night & day… feeling guilt-ridden for ALL your feelings… feeling isolated

    TO feeling EXCITED & HAPPY about being pregnant… feeling less anxious… feeling no guilt & shame… no longer feeling like a burden… feeling fully supported by loved ones… having more energy… knowing how to manage your suffering… knowing how to embrace your pregnancy & make the best of it… feeling super proud of yourself… & believing you are aleady the best mother to your baby...

    What would your pregnancy feel like if you…

  • Felt less exhausted & were able to sleep better at night?

  • Knew how to cope with your pain & suffering so that you can lead a more normal life during pregnancy?

  • Felt heard & understood by your family, friends & colleagues so that you no longer feel lonely & isolated?

  • No longer feel guilty for everything while you’re suffering during pregnancy?

  • Had more time for your own self-care so that you don’t feel as rough & feel more energised?

  • Knew how to ask for help from your family, friends & colleagues without feeling like a burden?

  • Deep down you know this is possible...

    But “how” I hear you ask?

    Choose to change your attitude towards your pregnancy...

    Choose to embrace a mindful pregnancy...

    Choose to trust in your body...

    Choose to trust your instincts...

    Choose to love yourself...


    Your instincts will guide you… they will tell you what your body needs & what is right or wrong for you & your Baby at this moment in time.

    Let me introduce you to...

    “ Step Into Your Pregnancy Power ” Pregnancy Transformation Program

    Your transformational journey to a happy, healthy pregnancy in body & mind

    In this 6-week Pregnancy Transformation Program you will learn to love your pregnancy journey...even when the going is tough...even when pregnancy feels hard...

    It teaches you the tools to connect your body & mind to overcome the physical & emotional suffering you may be experiencing during your pregnancy right now.

    This program is ideal for pregnant women in their 1st or 2nd trimesters.

    This program is suitable for women who are pregnant for the 1st time or again.

    This is a practical 6-week 1:1 or Group pregnancy coaching program that involves:

    Week #1: "Intention"

    Set the intention of putting yourself first during your pregnancy so that you can change how you feel, feeling confident in yourself & believing it is possible to enjoy & embrace your pregnancy journey. The ripple effect of putting yourself first makes everything & everyone else around you seem easier.

    Week #2: "Connection"

    Learn how to fully connect with yourself & with your Baby so that you can form a close bond & feel confident that you are already the very best Mummy. Knowing this fills you with peace & joy & it helps reduce your pregnancy suffering.

    Week #3: "Flow Week"

    Join a live Q&A so that you can ask any questions, chat about how things are going or share your experience of the tools you’ve learned so far. An opportunity to further practice what you’ve already learned so that the tools become embedded into your daily life.

    Week #4: "Acceptance"

    Come to terms with what you’ve experienced so far during your pregnancy journey so that you can move forwards in a calm state of mind, accepting your own, unique pregnancy story. Learn that what’s happened in the past isn’t your fault & it’s the present moment that matters.

    Week #5: "Nurture"

    Instil simple ways to take care of yourself & embed the concept of why it’s not selfish for your self-care to be a priority. When you love yourself & are kind to yourself, you can deal with anything, you become less reactive to what’s happening & you become stronger.

    Week #6: "Celebration Week"

    Celebrate your success in choosing a new way of being pregnant! Join a live Q&A so that you can ask final questions, share your experiences of this program & how you will use the tools learned to move forwards in pregnancy & motherhood... & life!

    Each week’s session includes a range of Mindfulness & Relaxation exercises so that you learn to have a happy, healthy pregnancy without the pain, suffering, stress & guilt…

    How incredible does that sound?

    1:1 Transformation Program

  • 4 x 1:1 Transformational pregnancy journey classes with Michele, tailored specifically to your pregnancy, to teach you the tools to practice each week so that you embed them into your daily life. Includes plenty of opportunity each week to ask questions. (60-90 minutes, via Zoom) (valued at £388)

  • 2x 1:1 Deep Pregnancy Flow sessions with Michele. An in-depth chat about your progress so you feel well supported, a chance to ask more questions, plus enjoy a divine guided visualisation. (60 minutes, via Zoom) (valued at £194)

  • 6x Weekly reflection workbooks (valued at £90)          

  • 3x 5 minute mindfulness tasks on video to enjoy each week in your own time each day (valued at £197)

  • Lifetime access to the membership portal (valued at £250)

  • Plus, you also have me on hand in between calls to encourage you with the tasks, help you embed the tools you learn & to answer any questions you have along the way. (valued at £500)

  • BONUS: £191 FREE

    Positive Affirmations Guided Meditation    

    (valued at £47)  

    Pregnancy Power Abundance Activation

    (valued at £47)

    Pre-Natal Baby Massage Masterclass

    (valued at £97)

  • The content of this Program is worth: £1810 

    Special Price:

    £597 £447

    Group Transformation Program

  • 4 x Group Transformational pregnancy journey classes with Michele, to teach you the tools to practice each week so that you embed them into your daily life. Includes plenty of opportunity each week to ask questions. (60-90 minutes, via Zoom) (valued at £148)

  • 2x Group Deep Pregnancy Flow sessions with Michele. A chance to ask questions, plus enjoy a divine guided visualisation. (60 minutes, via Zoom) (valued at £74)

  • 6x Weekly reflection workbooks (valued at £90)

  • 3x 5 minute mindfulness tasks on video to enjoy each week in your own time each day (valued at £197)

  • A private Facebook Support Group: a safe & empowered space to ask questions, share thoughts & tips, connect & build friendships & feel supported. A community of like-minded pregnant women cheering each other on! (valued at £250)

  • Lifetime access to the Facebook Support Group & membership portal. (valued at £250)

  • BONUS: £191 FREE

    Positive Affirmations Guided Meditation    

    (valued at £47)  

    Pregnancy Power Abundance Activation

    (valued at £47)

    Pre-Natal Baby Massage Masterclass

    (valued at £97)

  • The content of this Program is worth: £1200 

    Special Price: 

    £247 £197

    ***Next Group Pregnancy Transformation Program starts on Monday 10 January 2022 (1 PM, UK)***

    Special Price

    ends in:









    “It is health that is real wealth & not pieces of gold & silver” – Mahatma Gandhi

    Yes! I am ready to get started!

    Booking your space on this Pregnancy Transformation Program is an invaluable investment into Yourself… into your future wellbeing… into your baby’s wellbeing now & for the future… into the lifelong journey for you & your baby.

    You deserve it… Your baby deserves it… Your family deserves it!

    It’s ultimately your responsibility to have the best journey possible for you & for your baby!


    NOTE: Spaces are extremely limited so I can offer you dedicated support while leading you through your pregnancy journey.  

    Yes! I am ready to get started!

      During your transformational journey with me, you’ll:

    • Turn your pregnancy around & embrace a new, positive pregnancy journey. This will help you lead as normal a life as possible during pregnancy so that you can spend quality time with older children, other family & friends… continue working… have more time & energy for your hobbies. 

    • Connect with yourself & your baby, accept your pregnancy journey & remember exactly why you're doing this. This will help you form a loving & trusting bond with baby in the womb so you have an established relationship when he or she arrives. 

    • Learn practical tools so you can easily embed them into your daily life during pregnancy & once baby has arrived. These tools include mindfulness, movement & breathwork exercises, plus guided visualisations, to help you love yourself... trust your body... believe in yourself... know that you are already an amazing mother... to ease aches & pains… to help keep you calm… to help you bond with baby… to help you relax & sleep better… to reduce negative emotions & stress. 

    • Continue on your pregnancy journey with ease, more energy, feeling supported, happy & excited.

    • Have me (and my years of knowledge & expertise!) supporting you & encouraging you as you transform your pregnancy journey.

    • Enjoy the long-lasting benefits of this program! Everything you learn can be used to help you have a more relaxed childbirth, feel calmer in motherhood, & feel better equipped for life in general. 

    “The greatest wealth is health” - Virgil

    Yes! I am ready to get started!

    This is for You if...

  • You believe there is another way to stop your pregnancy pain & suffering.

  • You want to change your outlook on pregnancy, embrace your pregnancy journey & see yourself in a whole new light!

  • You want to get through your pregnancy feeling like you’re already an amazing mother to your baby.

  • You want to feel calm, ready & confident for childbirth & motherhood.

  • You want to feel supported & loved throughout your pregnancy.

  • You want to feel proud of yourself.

  • You want to feel like you’ve given your baby the best start for your lifelong journey together.

  • This is NOT for You if...

  • You want somebody else to fix your pregnancy suffering.

  • You're not willing to invest your time into changing your pregnancy journey & life as a mother.

  • You're not ready to take action & do the inner work in order to change your outcomes.

  • You want to wait for things to get better on their own (which they probably won't).

  • You don’t want access to effective tools, knowledge & support to guide you through your pregnancy journey.

  • But... Don't Just Take My Word For It!

    See what other Beautiful Ladies have to say...

    "Michele was very friendly & professional."

    I wish I knew about this service sooner! I was walking on air all day after suffering from a bad back & general achiness all over. Michele was very friendly & professional. She took the time to explain & tailored our session to my needs. I'm looking forward to my next session. I would highly recommend this business to anyone, whether as a treatment for an ailment or simply for relaxation.  - Christine

    "Thoroughly enjoyed. Wholeheartedly recommend her."

    "I have just completed a 6-week course with Michele & thoroughly enjoyed it. The breathing techniques have been wonderful & the weekly guided relaxations were a particular favourite. Taking time out in the run up to our baby girl's arrival has been so useful, leaving us feeling mentally healthier & happier. Would wholeheartedly recommend her. Thank you.” - Lottie

    "The sessions left me feeling in tune with my baby & positive."

    The sessions were very thoughtfully put together & I left them feeling in tune with my baby & positive about my upcoming labour experience. The tools she taught as part of the sessions helped me to focus & relax during pregnancy & labour. I highly recommend her sessions for anyone who is pregnant! Thank you, Michele!! - Cathy

    "Michele Akester-Marsh you are a beautiful lady inside & out."

    "Sometimes people come along at the perfect moment. Michele Akester-Marsh you are a beautiful lady inside & out. You help my body & mind relax (which is rare for me). You are such a thoughtful & caring person. Thank you xx" - Stacey

    "Michele has a real understanding of the body."

    "Michele has a real understanding of the body & how it works. She has helped me with a bad back & leg problems. I would highly recommend Michele & often do." - Angela

    "The best I have felt in a long time."

    "Michele left me feeling like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders, the best I have felt in a long time, will definitely book again with Michele. Thank you." - Claire

    “The greatest gift you can give your family and the world is a healthy you” - Joyce Meyer

    Yes! I am ready to get started!



    I’m extremely proud of this program & I’m certain you’re going to be thrilled when you experience all the positive changes in your pregnancy journey.

     That’s why I’m offering this 2-week money back guarantee. Whilst I can’t guarantee that “Step Into Your Pregnancy Power” will cure all your pregnancy suffering, I can promise that you will have a happier pregnancy in body & mind so that you can cope with your symptoms in a more positive light.



    The risk is 100% on my shoulders. And that’s because I have absolute confidence this program can change your outlook towards your pregnancy and your life in general, forever.



    Michele Akester-Marsh

    Go ahead and grab your spot right now! Remember, spaces are extremely limited…

    “Investing in yourself is the best investment you will ever make. It will not only improve your life, it will improve the lives of all those around you.” - Robin Sharma

    Yes! I am ready to get started!

    Your Pregnancy & Motherhood Happiness Is Priceless!

    Your pregnancy & motherhood happiness counts…

    More than you know! BELIEVE YOUR WORTH!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Here are a few answers to the most common questions...

    • When do we start 1:1 Transformation Program?

    • 1:1 Transformation Program: You can book your first session via Calendly (the link will be available after payment). We will then book the other 5 sessions for times that are mutually convenient. Ideally, they will be at the same time each week (there’s some flexibility though!).

      Group Transformation Program: The next group Pregnancy Transformation Program start date is listed above (same time & day each week).

    • What if I have older children already?

    • Your older children may be around for the sessions. Everyone will be muted during the group sessions. However, to gain maximum benefits from this Pregnancy Transformation Program, I strongly recommend that you take the time for yourself, without the worry or distraction of your other children!

    • What if I can’t finish it all in 6 weeks?

    • You will be able to finish it within the allocated program time due to how it is structured with live, weekly sessions to keep you on track. You also have me (1:1 program) & the Facebook Support Group (group program) to cheer lead you through. Plus, you have lifetime access to the content. It is important to note that the tools you’ll learn are just the start & that you will continue to evolve once the 6 weeks is over. It is essential that you keep practising the tools for the remainder of your pregnancy to gain continued benefits. 

    • What if I’ve never practised mindfulness before?

    • I’d say that now is the perfect time to start! If have ever thought about doing it, if you love a massage, enjoy yoga or other therapies, or if you have a spiritual side to you, this Pregnancy Transformation Program is for you. 

    • What if I’m too sick to join a Zoom call?

    • The calls are recorded so you can watch them back when you can. I suggest you try to attend each session, even if you just listen & don’t watch because you will still learn things & receive the benefits. Please rest assured that there is a “come as you are” policy so you can join the session from your bed, sofa, hospital & so you can feel comfortable wearing whatever. This is a totally judgement free zone. 

    • What happens if I don’t get any results?

    • I am confident that you will see amazing results & shifts in how you feel about your pregnancy journey. This Pregnancy Transformation Program depends on you putting in the time & effort for your inner work though. I can share the tried & tested tools with you… ultimately it’s your responsibility to implement them to make them work for you.

    • What if I can’t afford it right now?

    • I’ve seen many pregnant women worry about the same thing so you’re not alone. However, they took the gamble & it paid off in ways they never expected. Your health & self-care should always be Number 1 priority… for your own benefit, your baby’s benefit & for the benefit of all those around you. Your health, happiness & self-worth is worth way more than you realise right now… but you will find out when YOU CHOOSE THAT YOU MATTER. Don’t forget that you only have one chance to enjoy & love this pregnancy journey!

      Ps. This Pregnancy Transformation Program costs less than many women spend on travel systems that last for only a few months (or maybe even weeks). The tools you’ll learn through this program will last a LIFETIME… for yours, plus they will give your baby an excellent foundation for their own lifetime.

    • How big will the group be?

    • An intimate group of 6-10 pregnant women so you can get to know each other & so I can give you all dedicated support.

    • What if I don’t have time right now?

    • I know it’s hard to think about taking extra things on when you’re already finding pregnancy life hard. However, if you’ve read this far, my instincts tell me that you know you can’t keep struggling on. What’s it going to take before you make the changes? Given the positive shifts I see happening for my clients, I’d say there’s nothing more important for your pregnancy health right now. This program helps you carve out the time for you. It shifts your mindset so you can appreciate exactly how important you are.

    • Are there refunds if I can’t finish it all?

    • Refunds aren't offered after the first 2-weeks. Once you’ve decided to embark on this journey, I ask you to be fully committed to taking action for creating time & space in your life. You’ll be so happy you did! If you truly aren’t getting your desired results within the first 2-weeks, there is a money back guarantee.

    • How do I know this isn’t a scam?

    • I have been established in business since 2013 & have hundreds of happy clients. I am happy to have a chat with you prior to your commitment so you can get to know me & gauge how I genuinely wish to make a difference to your pregnancy journey. Please book a Pregnancy SOS Call (link below).

    • What happens after the program ends?

    • You will have the choice to join the “Pregnancy Sisterhood” membership, which are continued weekly relaxation sessions & being part of a like-minded pregnancy community to support you during your pregnancy journey.


    I understand totally. The pregnancy journey can be really overwhelming & lonely. Let’s have a 30-minute call to establish which areas of your life & pregnancy you need most support in. Book in your FREE “Pregnancy SOS Call” with me right now...

    Book Your Free Pregnancy SOS Call here

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