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Align Your Time

A Mindful Journey of Self-Discovery

For busy, overwhelmed Mums in Business & working mums who know there’s more to life & want to know what & how to achieve it.

Does some or all of this sound like you?

  • You wish the days were longer so you could cram more in because the to-do list is never ending. 

  • You beat yourself up because yet another day has passed & you haven’t achieved everything.

  • You always put everyone elses’ needs before your own (if you’re honest with yourself).

  • You frequently say yes when you want to say no... you hardly say yes to yourself & you can’t relax & switch off.

  • You feel guilty for craving time for yourself (& feel guilty if you do enjoy yourself).

  • You regularly run out of time for the things you want to enjoy (ah, good intentions & all), even like sitting for a 5-minute cuppa. 

  • You feel like life is out of control, speeding along at a million miles an hour (& if you’re anything like I was, frantically trying to back pedal to slow time down).

  • You feel stressed & often feel you aren’t as present with your children as you’d (& they’d) like.

  • You sometimes get agitated or snappy with your children for requiring your attention.

  • You have a constant knot of anxiety in your stomach.

  • You feel life is a grind, it’s mundane, & you know there’s more to life but don’t know what or how to make it happen.


    I became a better Mum when I chose to prioritise my self-care & wellbeing... which goes against everything we’re taught by society.

    I decided that...

    • Life happens FOR me, not to me. 

    • I was worthy of living my happiest, most joyful life every day, even if it sometimes means putting myself before my children (shock horror!)

    • I can choose how I feel every moment of every day & how I respond to people & situations out of my control.

    • I would fight Mum Guilt & win!         

    Life can change in an instant...

    Are you ready for it?

    All it takes is a single choice to say “yes” to yourself.

    Yes, you really do have that much power!

    I know it’s hard to put yourself first… I was once a Mum who sacrificed my needs & desires in my attempt to be the perfect Mum.

    But the result was exhaustion, overwhelm, a frazzled nervous system & a break down.

    A phrase I frequently hear from the brave working Mums I work with is…

    “Is this it?”

    Mama, I promise this is NOT it!

    The hard & simple truth is that, as a Mum, you cannot be all things to all people at all times.

    You need to start prioritising time for your needs, desires & self-care so you feel calm, balanced & fulfilled in all areas of life…

    & so you have more to sustainably give EVERYONE else!

    The key is to prioritise your wellbeing & soothe your nervous system to help you calmly make the most of your available time & energy every day, & navigate life's inevitable daily challenges.

    Imagine what life would look like if you...

    Unlock Time for Your Dreams

    Reclaim time for your needs, desires & aspirations while balancing the demands of motherhood & work.

    Restore Balance & Energy

    Master how to rest & relax, avoid overwhelm & exhaustion, & prioritise your wellbeing without guilt.

    Empowerment through Self-Care

    Understand that putting yourself first results in more loving energy for everyone around you, which gives you confidence & belief in your self-worth.

    Confidence & Boundaries

    Stop feeling pulled in different directions & confidently say "no" without guilt, leading to improved relationships, self-worth & personal growth.

    Harmony in Relationships

    Experience improved relationships with family, friends & colleagues because your inner peace enables calmer responses & a lighter outlook on life.

    Embrace Joy & Authenticity

    Rediscover playfulness, laughter & joy, celebrate daily achievements & embrace a life aligned with your dreams & values.

    Listen carefully…

    When you don’t say yes to yourself, you’re doing a disservice to everyone you love. Especially to your children & family.


    Instead of being able to give with the energy you’d like, you’re only able to show up as a fraction of yourself.

    The end result is burnout…

    • Unable to be present in your own life & enjoy the countless, magical moments.
    • Unable to feel calm or relaxed.
    • Unable to sit in stillness & simply be.
    • Unsure who you even are & what you enjoy or want these days.

    Mama, you ARE ALLOWED to enjoy life, feel happy every day, take a break, do nothing, relax & follow your dreams!

    If you’re ready to invest the time, money & energy into becoming the woman (& Mum) you long to be, then read on…!

      Introducing “Align Your Time ~ A Mindful Journey of Self-Discovery”…

      An 8-week group mindfulness journey for Mums in Business & working Mums who wish to create more…

    • TIME for your self-care & for the things & people you love in life (& maybe even find out what these things are now!)

    • FREEDOM from feeling out of control, busy, stressed, overwhelmed, Mum Guilt (& from the social conditioning embedded within you that says you must behave or feel a certain way to be a “good” Mum).

    This is a mindful, holistic journey of self-discovery that will transform your life & by default your family’s life (for only the cost of a daily coffee!)

    This will gift you the inspiration, tools, confidence & support you need to become the Mum & woman you’ve been dreaming of.

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    My Signature "Align Your Time" Method...

    Pillar 1 ~ Priorities

    Discover what you actually want & enjoy in life, & what you’d love to bring more of into your every day so each feels your happiest & luckiest day (even if you’re faced with challenges & unexpected things to deal with).

    Discover what’s most important to you in life. Maybe you already know exactly what you hope & dream of but don’t know how to get it, or maybe you’ve no idea…

    Either way, in this pillar you get crystal clear on who YOU are now (you’re not only a Mum!) & you connect with your vision for the future.

    This is the “what & why” piece of this journey.

    Pillar 2 ~ Boundaries

    Commit to what & who you tolerate in life & choose new minimum standards so you can bring your priorities to life.

    This is where you decide to let more joy, calm, work-life balance, fulfilment & freedom from the mundane into your life.

    Here you also master how to communicate your needs & desires with your children & partner.

    This is the “how” piece of this journey.

    Pillar 3 ~ Mindset

    Connect with the things & people you’re already thankful for in life, even the simple things.

    Master how to focus every day on the resources you already have available in your life (rather than what you don’t have).

    Gratitude Practice is a powerful way to bring more good into your life.

    This is the piece of the journey that helps you love all you already have & who you already are.

    Pillar 4 ~ Energetics

    Start connecting daily with how you feel right now &, if you don’t like how you feel, master how to respond differently.

    Master how to make yourself feel even happier or how to process any stressful, negative thoughts.

    Connect with who you aspire to become as a woman, mother, employee/business owner & what you want to be remembered for in this lifetime.

    This is the piece of the journey that helps you stay focused on your dreams so they come to fruition sooner.

    What can you expect from this Mindful Journey of Self-Discovery…

    Dedicate just 10-15 minutes a day to this journey (some of which you can enjoy on the go, Monday-Friday with the weekends to integrate) & transform your life in ways you can’t even imagine right now!

    Daily Practices & Exercises...

  • Daily mood tracker so you're aware of how you’re feeling every day (& not living on autopilot).

  • Daily reflection questions to help you connect with what’s most important to you & how you think.

  • Daily affirmations to give you focus.

  • Daily 2 minute mindfulness, mindful movement & mindful breath exercises to soothe & calm your overworked nervous system & mind... to help you reconnect with your heart... who you truly are... & to help you see new possibilities.

  • Daily 3-5 minute inspirational Love Memos to provide you with inspiration & new perspectives. 

  • A powerful exercise to track & reframe your undesirable thoughts (we all have them but some of us dwell on them & some of us learn from them!)

  • A powerful exercise to track whether you’re living in lack or gratitude (the more gratitude you feel, the more good things come your way).

  • Support, Accountability & Community...

  • Weekly Mama Circles (at times to suit) to get together, feel safe & supported, celebrate our wins, & figure out how to approach our challenges… together we grow, together we thrive. 

  • Weekly Reflections Journal.

  • Private Facebook Community for access to support, accountability & celebrations of your commitment & changes.

  • Lifetime access to the recordings & exercises emailed to you.

  • WhatsApp support, guidance & encouragement (for the 1:1 VIP option only).

  • Are you ready to rediscover yourself & live your best life?

    Wherever you are right now, do you feel the call to join me on this journey?


    It’s beautiful when we journey together & know that we’re in safe company & not alone.


    There is more to life… & it’s waiting for you to claim!


    You CAN create more time for your self-care & wellbeing, the things & people you love.


    You CAN enjoy more calm, work-life balance & fulfilment in all areas of your life.


    Say yes to yourself today!


    If not for you, do it for your children & role model a mindful, peaceful approach to life without stress & overwhelm.


    Let's change lives in 2024! We begin this life-changing journey on Monday 29 January 2024.


    Thank you for being so brave in life… your children & future generations need mothers like you to be brave & step into your full potential.

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    I know there’s so much power in numbers. I know that by calling in a group of 20 Mums in Business & working Mums, you’re going to cheer each other on, you’re going to hold each other lovingly accountable, you’re going to want to see each other succeed, & you’re going to build a new support network of like-hearted friends.


    My desire is to prove on a bigger scale than I’ve worked with before that it really is possible to create more time in your hectic, busy days as a Mum. That you can overcome the emotions you experience, especially the Mum Guilt, overwhelm, stress & not knowing whether you’re coming or going.


    I know it’s possible because I’m living proof, as are my clients who’ve worked with to date!


    Align Your Time is a deliberately low-cost & minimal time investment (to fit into your busy days) for you because I know that time & money are a worry & my desire is to make this accessible to you so you can transform your life!

    Hi, Beautiful!

    I’m Michele… Mum of 2 boys, wife & Holistic Self-Care Coach with 20 years experience in holistic therapies, meditation, mindfulness & life coaching. Following a breakdown in 2017 due to stressful house renovations with a young baby & my husband almost dying of sepsis in 2019, I committed to a journey of rebuilding my nervous system & self-growth. I’ve never looked back & every day I intend to be the calmest, happiest & best version of myself.


    My family & I recently moved from Dorset to Scotland because we wanted a new adventure & to shake up life! Life is for living & feeling after all! I’m passionate about helping overwhelmed Mums in Business & Working Mums create more time in your busy days for self-care & for the things & people you love. My biggest desire is for you to feel calmer, master your dream work-life balance & to feel fulfilled in all areas of life. I look forward to guiding you on this Mindful Journey of Self-Discovery, where you’ll go from living on autopilot to taking the reins of your life!

    What other Mums say about working with me...

    Not only has Michele helped me manage my physical pain levels that I have to deal with, but also comes the emotional support she’s shown me. I can happily say that whenever I’ve had a session with Michele, she always has a way to make me feel better about myself, makes me feel like I have someone there for me & gives amazing advice. I highly recommend Michele, not only for her therapies but also for her kind heart. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for her big heart, love, support & guidance.

    Zoe C

    I cannot thank you enough for all your support over the years, not only physically but emotionally. I'd be lying if I said I hadn't missed you now that our journey has come to an end. You bring a lightness to any space you enter & that really is a gift to the people around you. You are awesome. I'm excited & so happy for you & your future plans. You will go far! 

    Stacey W

    I definitely enjoy our online Mama & Goddess Circles. After the last one, I felt like something shifted & I felt cleansed. By the Sunday I felt so much lighter. I feel so much better for releasing whatever it was. It’s amazing, so thank you. What you’re doing is brilliant & definitely needed. It’s also wonderful watching other Mums’ growth when working with you. Your work makes such a difference! I’m so pleased & proud for you because it makes more difference than even you realise. It’s not even recognisable at the time – it’s everything afterwards. Even money keeps being thrown at me today! Falling at my feet like silver! I had a new client today & had the confidence to charge them a higher hourly rate. It’s all working out. It’s funny that what you shift gives more room for other stuff to come in! Obviously, I’ve put in the hard work at work & now it’s word of mouth. It’s like releasing blockages. I feel wonderful. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Earth Angel

    Kirsty B

    I do not love traditional networking events. I love people but I don’t like the awkward, forced conversation situations. People meet me & see this outgoing vibrant person, when in fact I can be withdrawn & a complete wallflower. I like time alone. I love nature. I love animals. I love learning, but in a way that works for me. Last week I went to a different type of business networking event in The Wellness Woods, lead by @michele.akestermarsh. I wanted to explore something different, I wanted to meet other heartlead business owners. I NEEDED TO BE IN NATURE!! Summer holidays are a wonderful time with my family but I’m also busy keeping my business growing. I felt reset, rested & so happy to make connections with great people. I encourage you to try something new, something you wouldn’t normally fancy doing, & push yourself outside of your comfort zone. 

    Emma C

    Owing to the Holistic Wellbeing Day Retreat, you giving us the time & creating space for us to gain clarity on our priorities in life, it has made me realise that the way I’d structured my life hadn’t been reflecting how I want to live my life. I’d been prioritising my clients over my own wellbeing & family. It was a strange experience because in some ways the retreat deepened my spiritual connection & then it was like I’d been chucked out. It was a bizarre feeling. It was like a self-sabotage mechanism because I’d surrendered so fully during the retreat & my defence to keep me safe all came back at once. I went back to limiting beliefs, & my rational mind kicked in all at once. Then I had a few weeks to re-process everything & come back to myself. It was a big thing & took some time for my nervous system to reset after the retreat. But since then, lots has changed. I used to work daytime, evenings & weekends & now I’ve shifted my working hours around & no longer work Saturdays. This means lots more fun time & family days with my daughter & partner. 

    Aletheia W



    I’m extremely proud of this 8-week Mindful Journey of Self-Discovery & I’m certain you’re going to be over the moon when you start experiencing all the positive changes & mindset shifts in your life.

    That’s why I’m offering this 2-week money back guarantee. Whilst I can’t guarantee that “Align Your Time" will solve all your problems or help you achieve your dreams by a specific date, I can promise that you will start to re-balance work & fun, feel calmer & more fulfilled in all areas of life... as long as you commit to the process.

    To claim your money back, my only requirement is that you must provide evidence that you've completed all the holistic practices & exercises to date, & that you have been doing the "inner work". 

    The risk is 100% on me... because I have absolute confidence that "Align Your Time" can change your outlook towards life & set you on a new path to living your best life.

    Michele  Akester-Marsh

    “Investing in yourself is the best investment you will ever make. It will not only improve your life, it will improve the lives of all those around you.” - Robin Sharma

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    Frequently Asked Questions...

    • When do we start?

    • On Monday 29 January 2024 for 8 weeks… a few weeks after the children have gone back to school so you have chance to catch your breath & recover your finances after the Christmas period & holidays.

    • What if I don’t have time right now?

    • This Journey has been lovingly created by a busy working Mum to ensure you can achieve amazing results & enjoy it within 10-15 minutes per day, in bitesize pieces, on the go & in between the mundane, because I know time is of a premium.

      I know it’s hard to think about taking extra things on when life already feels chaotic & like you’re living in Groundhog Day. However, if you’ve read this far, my instincts tell me that you know you can’t keep struggling in the daily grind & that you’re ready to choose a new way to live life.

      I see many positive shifts happening for my clients who are just like you… overwhelmed with life but take the leap & say yes to themselves. There’s nothing more important for your self-care, wellbeing & future right now. This Mindful Journey of Self-Discovery helps you carve out the time for you. It shifts your mindset so you can appreciate exactly how worthy you are of living your best life & sets the wheels in motion to achieving it.

    • How much time do I need to commit?

    • Only 10-15 minutes a day Monday-Friday for the practices, 10 minutes on Saturdays for your weekly reflection journal & a day off on Sunday! I promise that once you make the commitment, it will become habit & you’ll never look back!

    • What if I’ve never practised mindfulness or had life coaching before?

    • I’d say that now is the perfect time to start! If you’ve ever thought about trying it, if you enjoy yoga or other therapies, or if you have a spiritual side to you, this Mindful Journey is ideal for you. The most fun & fulfilling way to live life is to be curious!

    • What if my children are around?

    • “Align Your Time” has been lovingly created by a “busy” Mum of 2 boys to fit into your busy days at a time that suits you. I believe that it’s important to role model self-care, wellbeing & self-development to your children. 

      Therefore, you can lead the way in your home & practice setting boundaries by doing the practices while they’re around or invite them to join in, so they also learn. This Mindful Journey really does benefit the whole family!

    • What happens if I don’t get any results?

    • I’m confident that you’ll experience amazing results & shifts in how you feel about all aspects of work, motherhood & life! However, your results depend on you putting in the time & effort for your 'inner work'. I can share the tried & tested tools & practices with you… ultimately, it’s your responsibility to integrate them into your days to ensure they work for you.

      If you truly aren’t getting your desired results within the first 2-weeks, there is a full money back guarantee. However, you must provide evidence that you have completed all the suggested activities to date.

    • What if I can’t afford it right now?

    • I’ve seen many women worry about the same thing so you’re not alone (me included when I've invested in coaching & self-development). However, they took the gamble to invest & it paid off in ways they never expected. Your self-care & wellbeing should always be your Number 1 priority… for your own benefit, your children’s benefit & for the benefit of all those around you.


      Your health, happiness & self-worth is worth way more than you realise right now… but you will find out when YOU CHOOSE TO COMMIT TO THIS JOURNEY.


      Don’t forget that you only have one chance to live the life you dream of & you’ll never be this young again!


      Ps. This Mindful Journey of Self-Discovery costs less a cup of coffee a day. However, the tools & practices you’ll master will last a LIFETIME… plus, you’ll role model excellent foundations to your children & inspire others along your way.

    • What if I can’t finish it all in 8 weeks?

    • You’ll be able to finish it within the 8-week journey time due to how it’s organised with daily bitesize practices & exercises designed for you to enjoy around your schedule. A poll will be asked in the Facebook community at the beginning so you can vote on the best time for our weekly Circles. Plus, you have lifetime access to the content.

      It’s important to note that the tools & practices you’ll learn are just the start & that you’ll continue to evolve after our 8-weeks together.

    • How big will the group be?

    • I’m calling in a group of 20 Mums in Business & working Mums so you get to know each other & become each other’s biggest cheerleaders! I know that there is power in numbers… you’ll hold each other lovingly accountable & inspire each other.


      Be assured that this is a very safe, judgement-free space. All emotions are welcome & valid. This is your permission to show up exactly as you are.

    • Are there refunds if I can’t finish it all?

    • I don’t offer refunds unless you don’t get any results. Once you’ve decided to embark on this journey, I ask you to be fully committed to taking action so you can create time & space to turn your work-life balance around. Your Future Self will be so grateful to you!

    • How do I know this isn’t a scam?

    • I’ve been established in business since 2013 & have hundreds, thousands of happy holistic, like-hearted clients. You can find me on the Federation of Holistic Therapists website HERE.

      I’m happy to chat with you prior to your commitment so you can get to know me & gauge how I genuinely wish you to live your happiest life. Just email me (address below) or ping me a dm on FB or IG. My life’s mantra is “you will never be this young again!” & I desire you to live your most fulfilled life every day, despite the inevitable challenges.

    • What happens after Align Your Time ends?

    • You’ll be equipped with the tools & practices to go it alone, as long as you commit to your continued growth. However, in my experience, the best way to make sustainable change fast is to be surrounded by community of like-hearted Mums. I’ll share more in due course about your options.

    Join us on "Align Your Time ~ A Mindful Journey of Self-Discovery" TODAY!

    You'll never look back!

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