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The Pregnant Goddess Playbook: 7 Secrets to blossom into the mother you dream of being

Empowering loving, heart-centred mums-to-be to feel her absolute best during pregnancy & to enjoy unfeigned confidence that she's an amazing mother, now & always.

Motherhood starts in pregnancy... your pregnancy choices today define your baby's tomorrow...

It's time to discover the Pregnant Goddess within you... in this Playbook you'll:

  • Be guided to wholly trust your body & instincts, & to bond deeply with your unborn baby so you feel calm & confident for his or her arrival.

  • Be guided to feel connected in body & mind so you can show up as the mother you've always dreamed of being & know without doubt that you always do your best for your baby (pre & post birth).

  • Feel empowered to find new ways to feel your absolute best & to help you conquer whatever's going on for you during pregnancy, even the things out of your control.

  • Feel inspired to achieve your unborn baby’s optimum emotional & physical health by passing the happiest vibes possible to him or her.

  • Feel emotionally & spiritually prepared for baby's arrival so you naturally role model unconditional love & kindness to your baby from the very start, in a harmonious environment.

  • “The Goddess has never been lost. It is just that some of us have forgotten how to find her.” Patricia Monaghan

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    Every mum-to-be deserves to feel her absolute best during her pregnancy, birth & motherhood journey!

    The Pregnant Goddess is waiting to be discovered in each & every mum-to-be... including you! Yes, YOU! Especially you!

    This book is NOT for mums-to-be who have no desire to:

  • Make empowering choices & changes in her life to ensure her baby has the most loving & positive start to life.

  • Uplevel her current beliefs & ways of thinking about her pregnancy, birth & motherhood journey.                

  • Create the best version of herself & be the best mother possible.                                                            

  • “The Goddess does not rule the world; she is the world." Starhawk

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    What powerful things will you learn from this book (even if this isn't your first baby)?

  • The 7 secrets to feel a powerful shift in your beliefs, energy & confidence as you journey through pregnancy into motherhood

  • My #1 Tip for conquering pregnancy sickness, exhaustion, anxiety & discomfort (hint: it's not medication!)


  • The magical tools to help you feel calm & connected to yourself so you form a deep, lifelong bond with your unborn baby.


  • The 4 steps to help you feel centred & grounded during your pregnancy & early motherhood journey


  • Bonuses:

  • 3 magical reasons you deserve to feel like a Pregnant Goddess – for the benefit of you, your baby & your family (& that most mums-to-be haven't thought of!)

  • Journal prompts throughout the book so you can reflect on your pregnancy so far, on how you desire to feel during pregnancy & motherhood & on simple changes you can integrate into daily life to make you feel like a Goddess now & always.

  • An invitation to a free, 60-minute Pregnant Goddess Discovery Call so you can learn 3 powerful tools to overcome your current pregnancy challenges, uplevel your Pregnant Goddess vibes, & feel emotionally & spiritually prepared for your baby's arrival.

  • “The Goddess doesn't enter us from outside; she emerges from deep within.” Marianne Williamson

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    Hi, Beautiful! I'm Michele!

    I'm your Intuitive Pregnancy Coach & I’m here to tell you that YOU ABSOLUTELY DESERVE TO FEEL LIKE A PREGNANT GODDESS!

    I feel like a Goddess & I desire this for you too!

    My journey of self-love has continued to evolve since my 2nd pregnancy, when I acknowledged the powerful wisdom I hold from 20 years of working with holistic therapies & mums-to-be.

    My 1st pregnancy was horrendous & I suffered with Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG) for 30 weeks, along with a myriad of other pregnancy-related conditions, followed by post-natal depression. During my 2nd pregnancy I vowed things would be different & I made a conscious choice to change my outlook on how I navigated HG. I would not let it defeat me again!

    I now have a strong calling to share my wisdom, & empower you to feel your absolute best during pregnancy, by holding space for you to learn to trust your body & instincts & to form a deep bond with your unborn baby.

    With intuitive, holistic practices & rituals I empower you to feel calm, confident & connected to yourself & your baby so you can find the magic in your pregnancy journey & discover the Pregnant Goddess within you.

    Plus, I empower you to feel emotionally & spiritually prepared for your onward motherhood journey so you know without doubt that you are an amazing mother.

    I look forward to holding space for you as you blossom!

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    See what other Beautiful Goddesses are saying...

    "The Pregnant Goddess Playbook" is exactly what you need to discover the power & magic during your pregnancy & motherhood journey. It will guide you to learn to truly believe in yourself & your body... to deeply connect with your unborn baby (your team mate!)... & to give you & your baby the very best start to your lifelong journey together. This is a beautiful gift to you, your baby & your family!

    "Michele is friendly, approachable, professional & welcoming. Thank you so much for all your support. You made the pregnancy sickness much easier & fingers crossed I can eat what I want now."


    "I cannot recommend Michele enough, she is truly gifted. She identifies problems I didn't even realise I had & helps me make small changes to resolve them. Michele is a beautiful soul & refreshing to be around."


    "I wanted to say a huge thank you to Michele! You are a credit to your profession & it's been so lovely to have my body & mind relaxed! Our sessions kept me sane & taught me techniques that I used throughout my pregnancy, during birth & even in my day to day life now."


    “All women are Goddesses, it's just a matter of letting that Goddess-Power shine... & if you don't try to be the biggest and baddest Goddess you can be, you are selling yourself short." Kimora Lee Simmons

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